Witney By-Election Action Day 24/09/2016

Witney By-Election – How to get involved

Hi all!

I have been asked to write up a quick list of the sorts of things you can do to help our in the Witney By-Election. There are plenty of things to do, so let’s get stuck in!

I can’t stress this enough – while yes, we live in a digital age, leafleting is vital to making sure we are visible and that we spread our key messages. Bear in mind that while not everyone has a smart phone, a landline or access to the internet, everyone who can vote has a letter box and so it is still the viable way of letting the public know who we are and what we’re about, so leafleting makes up the ‘bread-and-butter’ of a political campaign. This campaign is no exception, so we need as many people to help us get out our leaflets as much as possible!

Door Canvassing
Along with getting our message out there and being visible, another key element to the campaign is knocking on doors and talking to the electorate. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s really important that we find out more from local residents about the issues that matter t them the most, both national and local. It also allows us to talk about our candidate Liz Leffman and how she is a champion for local NHS services plus how the Lib Dems at large believe in an open, tolerant and united society. If it’s something you would like to do then please let us know!

Phone Canvassing
The great thing about using the Virtual Phone Bank is you can do it anywhere at any time (on saying that, please don’t call people in the middle of the night!) and it means that if you can’t make it down to Witney one day you can still be at the heart of the campaign. By logging into Connect you will be provided with a specifically written script to use when calling local residents (so don’t worry, you won’t be dropped in the deep end!) so then we can encourage them to vote Lib Dem. You can access the Virtual Phone Bank by logging into Connect (http://tiny.cc/ldconnect) and clicking on the Virtual Phone Bank option on the side menu.

Clerical Work
Election campaigns are not all about pounding the streets – there are a number of vital clerical tasks that need to be done to help keep the campaign going. This can range from printing and bundling leaflets and addressing and stuffing envelopes to helping organise teams and helping run the HQ itself – there is plenty to do!

A few tips:
1) Travel down together
From car sharing to group tickets, it’s easier and cheaper to travel to Witney with others than separately – plus it means you can encourage more people to come!
2) Meet new people
We Lib Dems are a friendly bunch, so take the chance to introduce yourself to other Lib Dems floating around the Witney HQ – we’re all in this together!
3) Take lots of photos
We want to hear from as many people as possible about their campaigning experiences and how it was for you – and that includes phones (no excuses!)
4) Bring a bottle of water
Campaigning is thirsty work and while there are refreshments (and even biscuits) at Witney HQ there is no guarantee there will be a nearby shop when you’re out and out – so best to be prepared!
5) Don’t forget to write on the wall
Not literally! There are blank A3 sheets of paper up on the walls around Witney HQ for everyone to sign and we want them all filled by polling day – so don’t forget to scribble your name!

If you want to get involved let the Witney team know by going to http://www.witneylibdems.org.uk/volunteer

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