So…I did my Assessment Day!

Assessment Day – Tamworth – My Thoughts..

So today i did the unthinkable (i only joined the party in July 2015!) and attended an assessment day in Tamworth to become an approved candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

Upon arrival, after standing at the wrong door for 15 minutes pressing the bell to no avail, i was greeted by a lovely lady called Jenny who was one of the assessors for the day and informed me how much of an idiot i had been for not reading the instructions properly that had been emailed out by the candidates team at HQ. I began to shake my head at the terrible start i was having, with doubts starting to creep in that i was not even prepared for this.

As i walked round to the actual building i was suppose to be at, i bumped into Jenny Wilkinson who is one of the Newbie Task Force and co-organiser of the Brighton Conference #LibDemPint with me (and many others), it was certainly nice to put a face to the name as well as there being somebody else who was in the deep end with me.. 🙂

I tend to do strange things when i’m nervous, today it was make myself 9807 cups of tea before each task, but i later i realised there was nothing to be nervous about, it wasn’t a competition like a job interview is, the assessors want us to be approved.

The day is split up into four Sections (this was my order):

  1. Interview / Media task
  2. In-Tray task
  3. Group task
  4. Policy task

Without going into too much detail, i found the policy task tested my brain the most, as i had to dig deep for all of the Lib Dem policy i had stored and the terrible policies of other political parties.. 😉 But i think i may have pulled it off – I was remembering things i never even thought i knew, whether it was relevant to the task is a whole different kettle of fish and only when the results come in will i actually know.

So the day eventually came to an end – With that bit of revision i did and with the implementation of the advice i was given “just be yourself and you will do well”, all in all, it was an enjoyable day.

I felt a strange sense of confidence that the day had given me, maybe i could actually pull off being a candidate and hopefully an MP for Bolsover.

To give you some idea of how confident i was feeling….

…and now the wait begins to find out my results!

If i don’t pass, i know i gave it my all and if that wasn’t good enough, then so be it – I still feel fantastic. 🙂

Anybody who wants to ask me anything about the day, feel free to get in touch through Facebook or Twitter

Much Love <3

UPDATE: I got approved!

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