A message to Jo Swinson

Dear Jo,

With this evening’s news there has been much speculation about who members would like to stand and to speak for them as leader of the party. There were numerous suggestions of combinations for leader and deputy but invariably your name recurred as leader.

We need a strong leader, and from what I and others have seen of you we think you would be a great candidate.

I have heard on the grapevine that you would be reluctant to put yourself forward for any potential leadership race whilst Tim was still leader but I write to urge you to reconsider in the now changed circumstances.

We know it is a huge thing to ask you given you have only recently been re-elected as an MP in East Dunbartonshire. Nevertheless, please do us the honour of standing to be the party leader.

Yours sincerely,


The undersigned individuals.

Lib Dem Newbies admins: Becky Forrest, Kirk Taylor, Andy Cliff, Annabel Mullin, Elaine Bagshaw, Alex Hegenbarth, Erika Baker, Sam Al-Hamdani, Sam Collins, Alice Thomas, John Berkeley Grout, Jo Maitland.

Bolton: Scott Turner-Preece, Andrew Martin and David Walsh

Medway: John Castle

Additional names of individuals supporting should be added in the comments below.

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  1. Jo Rawling
    Jo Rawling says:

    Not only do I want Jo to stand, but she would have my vote. Understand its a big decision but think she’d be great and just what we need.

  2. Nicola Fudge
    Nicola Fudge says:

    I understand perfectly if Jo found the idea of becoming leader overwhelming. However, I think her youth, vibrancy and candour, along with her awesomeness at public speaking and debating is what we need right now, and would follow the trend of the youthful Liberals rising to the top – Macron, and Trudeau.
    I’d be thrilled if you accepted a nomination.

  3. Helen Sprawson-White
    Helen Sprawson-White says:

    I truly believe that Jo is the only person to lead us forward. A progressive, strong voice for everything the Lib Dems, and I, hold dear. Someone capable of uniting us and moving us forward through interesting times!

  4. Liza Franchi
    Liza Franchi says:

    I echo Elaine Bagshaw, Aaron Burnett and others from Tower Hamlets Lib Dems.
    Everything I have read and heard about you Jo supports you being our next leader.

  5. George Hadjiyiannakis
    George Hadjiyiannakis says:

    Would love to see Jo run we should practice what we preach starting with equal opportunity so Jobneeds to give members an equal opportunity to back the clear favourite so far

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