Local Media Training Session at Conference

Hi All, so conference was really good… I didn’t manage the whole thing but the bits I did were back to back. We went from the main speaking/motion events, to training, to lunching, to meeting big cheeses and to drinking!

One of the Training sessions I attended was at 9am on Saturday (cruel) and it was all about dealing with and getting closer to your local media outlets.

Do you know what/who they are? I actually didn’t know all of our local press (I do now). Make a list, talk to them and get in touch to say who (candidate/activist) and what you are about (local/national liberal issues) – start to build a relationship with them. Send emails, follow on twitter and have a coffee with them.

You can send them pieces that are ‘short, sharp, relevant’ – work on the principle that six words is enough for the headline. Whatever you want to tell them about should be all in the first paragraph. The rest is just detail (not necessarily unimportant) but get the key messages out at the start.

Make sure that if there is anything that you think is news is sent to them pronto and follow up on twitter, facebook, in person….

It isn’t rocket science but it is critical to get the relationship working and right.

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