In order to keep this site and our Facebook group an oasis of positivity, we ask the following:

• Treat each other with respect and kindness
• Try to keep policy debates to the following groups: and
• Raise any questions or concerns about anything in the group with one of the admins

• Post links to non-party crowdfunding sites or fundraising appeals
• Post spam of any sort


Important information:

Please make sure to cover your membership number up if you’re posting a photo of your new membership pack. Your number could be used to access members only sections on the Lib Dem site, so keep it for your eyes only 😉

If you’d like to know how you can help from home, please check out ALDC’s handy guide to phonebanks. It’s easy to get started and you can make a real difference by helping to elect more Lib Dem councillors:

This group is run by a team of volunteer admins: Feel free to tag one of us in a post if you have any issues or need a question answering. If we need to get in touch with you via message it may go to “message requests” so make sure to check there!


Once again welcome, and thanks for joining us here at newbie HQ! Pull up a pew and make yourself at home.