With just the 3 Principle Council by-elections, one without a candidate for the Liberal Democrats, and the other two where the Liberal Democrats didn’t stood a candidate in years it looked like a quiet night was in store…

Congratulation to Peter Pilkington and team in Dunster & Timberscombe (West Somerset DC) who sprung a massive surprise in the South West! In a council area full of Conservatives and UKIP the Liberal Democrats hadn’t contested this Ward in decades but Peter gained the seat from the Conservatives with a massive 49.7% of the vote. The South West of our gain map is starting to look pleasantly crowded.

In Leominster South (Herefordshire UA) Clive Thomas took 8.2% of the vote for the Liberal Democrats in a Ward not contested last time as the Green Party took the seat.

In Higher Croft (Blackburn with Darwen UA) there was no Liberal Democrat candidate in this staunchly Labour area and the Labour candidate took nearly 60% of the vote. However all was not as it seems and e Labour candidate was imeadiately disqualified as it appears the Labour Party didn’t realise the candidate had an ineligible employment status. This means there will be another by-election in this Ward, hopefully the Liberal Democrats will be able to stand a candidate in the rerun.

By-election net changes graph - 23/03/2017 - The Liberal Democrats Number 1 in local council by-elections since 6th May 2016. Net Up 32 Gained 35, lost 3.

In Town Council elections I have found three results, two with Liberal Democrat candidates and one without a Liberal Democrat candidate with success for both of our candidates.

Congratulations to Julian Utting in Ross West (Ross-on-Wye TC) who gained the seat for the Liberal Democrats from the Conservatives with 38.2% of the vote.
Liberal Democrats gain from Conservative
Ross West (Ross-on-Wye TC)
Julian Utting (Liberal Democrats) 245 (38.2%)
Simeon Wood Cole (Conservative) 211 (32.9%)
Jordan Ethan Creed (Independant) 185 (28.9%)

Congratulations to Ian Smith in Prescot North West (Prescot TC) who gained the seat for the Liberal Democrats from Labour with 68% of the vote.
Liberal Democrats Gain from Labour
Prescot North West (Prescot TC)
Ian Smith (Liberal Democrats) 396 (68% +30)
Stephen David Byron (Labour) 164 (28% -34)
Tyrone Noon (Conservatives) 26 (4% +4)

In Prescot East (Prescot TC) there was no Liberal Democrat candidate in the seat which the Green Party took.
Prescot East (Prescot TC)
Kai Anthony Taylor (Green) 365 (75.9%)
Adam John Flanders (Labour) 116 (24.1%)

There were also City of London elections, I’ve included these but I don’t really understand what goes on in “The City” so don’t ask me whether these results are good or bad for Labour etc.

Full details of last nights By-Election results can be found on the ALDC’s By-Election Results page and details of that is coming next on our Forthcoming Elections page. Hat Tip to Britain Elects for their results too. Well done to all who stood last night regardless of the result. It is really important that we stand candidates in all by-elections in order to build the habit of voting Liberal Democrat. If there is no candidate of ours on the ballot paper we are depriving someone of their ability to vote for us. If you are interested in standing as a candidate please get in touch with your Local Party or ALDC.