It will come as no surprise as to where I start this weeks by-election round up… Sarah Olney racked up a massive swing to take the Richmond Park Parlimentary by-election to become the Lib Dems 9th MP. This is even more impressive given that she is a newbie herself having only joined after the 2015 General Election. This means as well as being the party’s 9th MP, she is our 1st Newbie in Westminster!
Gaining an impressive 49.7% of the vote up 30.4 points on May 2015 this was an incredible result for both her and everyone in Richmond Park & North Kingston.

The 21.7% swing from Conservative to Lib Dem comes with many caveats, Zac wasn’t officially a Conservative candidate, Richmond Park was about as “Remain” as constituencies get, and demographically its prime Lib Dem territory, but regardless of that this could not have happened without such a great candidate and all the hard work of all the activists whether they were old members, new members, or not even members (yet 😉 ). Hard work that will need to continue if we are to maintain momentum in the Sleaford & North Hykeham by-election next week – more details here.

This weeks Council by-elections news got off to a bad start with an unusual Monday by-election in Arbroath East and Lunan (Angus UA). Here Richard Moore Was unable to make any headway and remained dead last on 2.3% of the vote, a small reduction.

When Thursday night came around almost all eyes were on Richmond Park, but there were still important by-elections at the principle council level.
The best prospect looked like being Southbourne (Chichester DC), and so it turned out. Congratulations goes to Jonathan Brown and team as they managed to gain a massive 15.8 points taking the Lib Dem Vote share up to 57.7% to take the seat from the Conservatives whilst their vote collapsed making this the Lib Dems’ 22nd council by-election gain since May.

This has taken our net gains back up to 21.

By-election net changes graph - 01/12/2016 - The Liberal Democrats Number 1 in local council by-elections since 6th May 2016. Net Up 21 Gained 22, lost 1.

In Myton & Heathcote (Warwick), Nick Soloman took 2nd place with 25.1% with a vote share increase of 10.5 points.

In Whitechapel (Tower Hamlets LB), Emanuel Andjelic had a result which was better than it 1st looked. Emanuel took 4th place with a vote share of 6.7% beating the Green Party. Shown as officially no improvement due to the way multi-councillor wards are calculated when only 1 candidate stands the actual result was more than a doubling of the vote share. Also in every by-election in Tower Hamlets since the General Election the Lib Dem vote share has improved.

In Ferndown (Dorset CC), Jason Jones took 7.2% of the vote after not standing in 2013 (although the Lib Dems got an almost identical share in September).

There were 2 by-elections where the Lib Dems didn’t stand a candidate.
Grange Park (South Northampton DC)

Walbrook (City of London), this is an odd one and is non-partisan so couldn’t officially stand a candidate. As a result the official result was an Independent gain from Independent.

In Parish and Town Councils, the Lib Dems stood in a single election, that I know of, which is the Greenham Parish Council where Lindsey Middlemiss & Paul Walter were elected.
Lindsey Middlemiss Lib Dem 329 E
Paul Walter Lib Dem 304 E
John East Labour 71
Ronald Jones Labour 57

There is also a mention for the Crewe West (Crewe TC) by-election, Included even though no Lib Dem candidate stood only because the UKIP candidate was an idiot bragging that his Labour Opponent was a nobody with only 17 Twitter followers and subsequently got what he deserved.
Labour Gain from UKIP
Tasha Maroni Labour 736 E
Steven Edgar Conservative 228
Brian Silvester UKIP 215

Full details of last nights By-Election results can be found on the ALDC’s By-Election Results page and details of that is coming next on ourForthcoming Elections page. Hat Tip to Britain Elects for their results too.

Well done to all who stood last night regardless of the result. It is really important that we stand candidates in all by-elections in order to build the habit of voting Liberal Democrat. If there is no candidate of ours on the ballot paper we are depriving someone of their ability to vote for us. If you are interested in standing as a candidate please get in touch with your Local Party or ALDC.