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By-Election Report 09/03/2017

Yesterday there were seven principle council by-elections and with Liberal Democrat candidates in all seven, including two with no recent past Liberal Democrat candidates, there were plenty of reasons to be hopeful.

Liberal Democrats Winning Here Sign

By-Election Report – 02/03/2017

This week saw four Principle Council by-elections including a Liberal Democrat defence, a town council by-election, and City Council that is in fact more like a town council by-election (no disrespect Wells!).

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By-Election Report – 23/02/2017

All eyes were on the 2 Westminster by-elections in Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central for differing reasons, but there were also 3 Principle Council by-elections and a number of Town & Parish Council by-elections to talk about also.

Liberal Democrats Winning Here Sign

By-Election Report – 16/02/2017

It was another busy week of elections with by-elections held on both Thursday and Friday and the Liberal Democrats had 3 seats to defend.

Liberal Democrats Winning Here Sign

By-Electon Report – 09/02/2017

Another week, another great set of results for the Liberal Democrats where we stood candidates. There were 5 principle council by-elections yesterday with Liberal Democrats standing candidates in 3 of them.


Throwback Thursdays: PPBs and The Alliance

There are few examples of the Party Political Broadcasts (PPB) for the liberals between 1945 and the Early 80s. Some incomplete versions missing large chunks of audio have been archived on YouTube. Throughout this period the Liberals suffered in the relative political doldrums of only a handful of seats in Scotland and Wales.

In 1974, after a general election that left no party with a majority, attempts were made to form a coalition government with the Conservatives, but it fell through when the Conservatives and their Leader Edward Heath refused to agree to bring in Proportional Representation (PR)  for Westminster elections. As a result Labour attempted to govern in a minority.

This ultimately led to the second General Election of 1974 that following October and the narrowest of majorities for Labour. The liberals again attempted to support the government in order to deliver PR which ultimately backfired.

After the Election of 1979 and victory for Margaret Thatchers conservatives, the Labour party, now in opposition, began to change. Alleged corruption and left wing militancy was becoming more and more of an issue within Labour.

On the 25th of January 1981 the “Gang of Four”, Roy Jenkins, David Owen, Shirley Williams and Bill Rodgers Launched the Council of Social Democracy, later to become the Social Democrat Party (SDP), in what would become known as the Limehouse Declaration. Within six months the SDP had joined the Liberals under David Steele to form the SDP – Liberal Alliance which was to remain in place until the ultimate merger of the two parties.

The Alliance was polling at 50% at one point before the General Election of 1983, but after the Falklands War of 1982, Margaret Thatcher and the conservatives stormed back into first place to win by a landslide. Although The Alliance polled 25% of the vote, thanks to our first past the post electoral system they only achieved twenty three seats.

The following PPB by the SDP as part of the SDP – Liberal Alliance was made in May 1984. Here SDP leader David Owen coveres topics including, European Unity, Trident, and the use of Nuclear Weapons, an important issue in this period of Cold War between the west and Russia.

Liberal Democrats Winning Here Sign

By-Election Report – 02/02/2017

After a few quiet weeks there were 3 principle council by-elections this week and the Liberal Democrats wasted no time getting back to winning ways.

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By-Election Report – 26/01/2017

After a flying start to 2017 things have slowed down recently. Once again it there was just the 1 principle council by-election, and sadly yet again there was no Liberal Democrat on the ballot paper.

In Kilmarnock East & Hurlford (East Ayshire) the SNP were defending their seat, which they did increasing their vote share over Labour as Labour lost out to both the SNP and Conservatives. There was also a Libertarian candidate, not to be confused with the Liberal Democrats.

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By-Election Report – 19/01/2017

With only a single principle council by-election this week it’s a case of not much to report this week, although there was still Lib Dem success.

Liberal Democrats Winning Here Sign

By-Election Report – 12/01/2017

The 1st set of results of the year show a continuation of 2016’s strong set of results for the #LibDemFightback.