Throwback Thursdays: PPBs: And Now For Something Completely Different, Part 3.


This week is the final part of the Pythonology. John Cleese returned to Lib Dem PPBs in 1997 where he asked the voting public to help him with a problem.

According to polling at the time half of every voter surveyed stated that they would vote for the Liberal Democrats if they thought we could win. This, as Mr Cleese points out, leads to somewhat of a paradox.

Though not as energetic or informative as his two previous broadcasts, I wanted to include this particular one up as it also signals my own entry into the Lib Dem universe.

I remember watching this particular PPB live back when I was an eleven year old boy, and my understanding of politics had only just started to manifest. Whether the fact a member of Monty Python was trying to reach out to me as a non voting child could be attributed to my eventually becoming a Lib Dem, I cannot say. I would probably assume having a Grandmother who voted liberal her entire life might be the most important influence. However, it’s my oldest Lib Dem memory and the start of a long journey in politics.

Looking at the history, according to some within the inner circles of the Lib Dems at the time, there was at this time a possibility of a “progressive” alliance in parliament. With Labour, under the soon to be Prime Minster Tony Blair. After the subsequent Labour landslide of 1997, the Lib Dem’s services were no longer required and Labour governed alone.

But more, much more, was still to come.

Liberal Democrats Winning Here Sign

By-Election Report – 02/03/2017

This week saw four Principle Council by-elections including a Liberal Democrat defence, a town council by-election, and City Council that is in fact more like a town council by-election (no disrespect Wells!).

Throwback Thursdays: PPBs: And Now For Something Completely Different, Part 2.


In 1987 our friend Mr John Cleese also discussed the topic of Proportional Representation, which, at least I believe, is one of if not the most important issue we have argued for in the parties history.

Now some people may think electoral reform is a boring subject and indeed Mr Cleese plays on that in this video, however the lack of representation and electorate feeling that they do not have a voice in politics can be linked to the dissatisfaction people have of our political system and politicians.

I would also go as far to say that the vote for Brexit at least partially could be attributed to the worst symptoms of our electoral system. Even now the arguments hold up, in fact they were stronger back then after the SDP – Liberal Alliance nearly pushed labour in to third place on 25% of the vote but ended up with only 23 seats.

It’s just not fair, “not fair to us voters.”


Again, with thanks to Preston Lib Dems.